Terms of Use

The behavior of the concerned parties connected to using this website and accompanying services is being regulated by the Terms of Use legal document.

This obligatory legal document regulates any relations of any parties. This requires mutual rights and legal obligations from both parties. You agree to be lawfully bound with this document when you open this website.

Please, if you oppose to any article of this document, you should never place any assignments.
Before entering our website, it’s recommended you read this document. Here are all the important points that should be acknowledged before using our site. The man who views the site is called “You” while Essay-Writing-Place.com will be called “we” or “Website”, this is all done for the ease of use.

Terms of Use

While using this website, you should agree to all terms of use which are written below. If you cannot accept this document, you can leave this website.

If you choose to use our service, then you will need to study, acknowledge and agree to all presented terms of services that are being provided to you on this website.

This agreement is effective throughout cooperation with Essay-Writing-Place.com.

Our Services

Our main service is writing any text assignments according to your individual orders – Copywriting.

These tasks include writing digital compositions of high text uniqueness rate of any size and on any topic. It will be completed by our professional writers.

If you make an order you should describe your needs for aid in detail by filling out the form on our site. Upon filling out the form, our writers will fully meet your needs.

You can view all the information on the website for free. All other services are provided by legal contract amid you and us.

We can solve various tasks for you. But we are not going to engage in online testing where you should register to pass it.

Our orders are checked repeatedly by different people on spelling, punctuation, grammar, and style. Also, we follow the original text. We can also check your own texts.

Order Placement

To place your order, please, use our online order form. All you need is to accurately fill out the fields for information needed to make the order. The main thing is, when you make an order it is severely prohibited to give fake or inexact info. Any sensitive data will be saved by privacy policy.

If any changes concerning the order occur, we can notify you by SMS or send you an e-mail.
While ordering, you can select more than a few options whether it’s a preferred writer, certain type of abstract page, enabling plagiarism report or access to VIP customer service.

When choosing a writer you can choose between such graphs as “my previous writer”, “regular writer”, “TOP writer” and “advanced regular writer”. When you choose the first option you’ll just have a typical professional writer. In this case, any of our expert authors will write the text for you and you won’t have an opportunity to choose which one. To obtain the IDs of the previous writer, just click on “My previous writer”. This characteristic is obtainable merely in a 24-hour period. If this deadline is exceeded, the cost will raise regardless of your chosen type of writer. If your writer can’t communicate, we will find you a newly qualified author for your order. If you have not much extra money, but want to get higher quality then choose the option of “Advanced regular writer”. The quality will be surely lower than the TOP Writer, but higher than “Regular writer”. If you want one of our best writers to take up your order, select the “TOP writer”. In this case you will have high excellence and innovation of work. But it will cost more than the base order because the price will be calculated due to deadlines and quality.

If you desire your orders to be served in the 1st place, choose “VIP customer service”. When your order is ready, you are going to receive a short text message. On the pricing page of our website you can find the rates for this option.

Also, there you can find the price for plagiarism report. After you pay for this feature, you will get a comprehensive statement about the originality of the text. It is checked by WebCheck, a system that you can rely on. The price for this option you can find in the Prices section.

To add the abstract of the document or page, you need to choose the preferred function. If not, you will not be able to add the abstract page to your order description. Go to the Prices section to see this feature cost.

If you need to check the resources used in your paper, leave a proper request in your control board. The price for this option can be also found in the Prices section.

If you want to get a table of contents, choose the Table of contents option in your control panel. Check the price in the Prices section.

If you want your paper to be proofread by the expert editor, you can add this option in your control panel. The price for this option is available in in the Prices section of the website.

The speed of the start of work depends fully on you. You can pay only when you complete the form, which will indicate the deadlines, academic level, job type and additional features if they are required. The timer will start to work only after we receive the payment.

Payments and Fees

Keep an eye out for the prices on the site. We may modify them any time we want and you must pay according to the rates that we specify.

All additional services are not included in the order cost and should be paid for separately.

VAT is not included in the price. It is charged if you are in the EU or in another country, where the law requires you to cover this type of tax.

It is also possible that our fees do not cover your order. Then we will offer you a price different than you expect. But you have the alternative to cancel the order before paying at any given moment.
We strongly advise you to compensate in advance because we are sure that our authors will do their job.

Also, note that your money will be considered as a loan and can be used to cover your future orders or the current one.

A completely different system of assessment is a multiple choice tests. A special order form needs to be completed for this kind of orders.

Perhaps the easiest method of payment is using the card. We accept MoneyBookers, Visa cards, WebMoney, MasterCard cards and PayPal.

Order Fulfillment

When the order is done, it becomes obtainable in your personal account panel. Check the material carefully prior to approval.

If you do not connect us with complaints about the material within 14 days, it will be approved. After this period, the order will be considered successfully accomplished.

We always work to improve our service, that is why we will ask you to review the excellence of the material, the writer’s work and Customer Support. Approximately in seven days after the order was accepted you would receive a survey.

If you dislike the material and you have ordered the adjustment, the writer is able to change only 30% of the work done.


We always meet all customer conditions. In addition, we want to be certain that neither our website nor our orders will promote anything illegal. In order to take the place that we occupy now, we developed a system of mutual guarantees, which act amid you and us.

When accepting this document, you agree that:

-You have studied and realized these Terms of Use.
-All ideas and any information taken from this text should be in quotations.
-All the text, references are given only as an illustration of the registration papers in the citation style (APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, Harvard, etc.).
-You agree on all copyrights as for the work of freelance writers are passed to us, to our affiliates and partners.
-You agree with the terms of payment for all services. That entails collection, organization of information, formatting, editing, publication, delivery, supporting materials, administration, maintenance and advertising.
-You are prohibited to distribute, copy, transmit and publish all the text work here without getting written permission from our side.
-You agree to demolish our materials after use. You may not make copies, and all quotations must be proper.
-You cannot sign the material since we have full rights to all the information that we provide. All information is available only for your personal use, but you have no rights to the authorship and dissemination.

In return, we guarantee:

-We have sufficient rights to give you rights to employ your orders under this document.
-The originality of the text will be not less than 90% (excluding quotes and clichéd phrases)
-We will follow all instructions and advice coming from you.
-Upon our request, we must receive any necessary information from you.
-We will carry out all the necessary research and study activity to satisfy you.
-We make certain that the site works around the clock. But we are not accountable for the rare cases when it is for some reason unavailable. We as well may hang up website operation at any convenient time.

A Refund

A refund is a very easy procedure. You can obtain your funds back only via the original source of payment. Money back guarantee document will give you more details about this process.

Intellectual Property Rights

We always want unique material to fulfill the order at the highest level. You pay for the work and not the intellectual possessions of rights.

We have all property and ownership rights.

We guarantee superior original text and no infringement of copyright. We are doing everything so as not to infringe any rights of 3rd parties.

We award you with a restricted right to make use of a unique material. Since you pay for the order, you secure these rights for 6 months.

In any other cases, any intellectual property belongs to us.

We despise plagiarism and are fighting it by any means. We may call off any contract with the person suspected of plagiarism.

We will never be participating in any types of fraud.

We assume the percentage of plagiarism is not more than 10%. If plagiarism exceeds the norm, you can request your money back. For more details, please, refer to our money back guarantee and revision policy.

Clichéd phrases (standard phrases, connectors, idioms and other phrases frequently used) and bibliographical references are not considered a plagiarism. This influences the calculating the level of originality.

We do not stock up written texts. We can publish any text at our request as a model to facilitate the work and to you and us.

Acceptable Use

Use unique text material provided in a limited form. You should follow all restrictions for your own safety. All information regarding restrictions is given below.

Remember that text materials are provided for you as a reference.

These materials are not a subject to change.

You are not entitled for this text material, therefore you are not allowed to transfer files to third persons for personal gain or for any additional reasons.

You can’t steal the document.

Don’t forget that any material sent to you is an example and nothing more. Whichever use of this information should be decorated like a quote. Getting the information you are forbidden to use for passing online tests is prohibited. None of our online services are adapted for it.

For whichever kind of legal and professional advice, you should consult with legal advisor.

Also, this text cannot be used to receive various awards and titles.

Referral Program

We are pleased if you invite third parties to check our service and use it regularly. In this case you will get 10% of the sum the Referrals you brought have paid.

Once you become a part of our Referral Program, we can ask you to provide us with extra info that is essential for proceeding with your earnings.

These earnings can cover your own orders from our service or you can withdraw them with Webmoney ot PayPal.

Not clarify the things, you cannot receive the earnings if you have less than 100 USD.

Usually you can get the earnings under your Referral Program between the 16th and the 20th day every month. If you want, you can refuse to use our Referral Program. Moreover, we can cancel this Program. In both cases, inappropriately collected earnings may be withhold.

It is forbidden to use spam as a mean of promotion. You shall not post discount codes on any coupon websites. In addition, you may not cheat when using our Referral Program.

Free Revision Guarantee

Revision policy entails three sessions of free revision. You should carefully consider the info relating to the issue.


It is vital for us to continually keep in touch. So you need to leave your phone number and electronic mail. Thus, you will be kept posted about the slightest changes. You can also get notifications.

When accepting Terms of Use, you point out that you concur to get any notices, promotional materials, and advertisements.

To convey this information we use any means of communication (e-mail, phone numbers). It is recommended to warn us in advance on whether you want to get notifications by SMS or email. This will greatly simplify the task and facilitate the communication.

Also, you will receive information about all the discounts and special offers on your phone number or electronic mail. If you chose the option of “VIP Customer Service”, then you will receive all your order details.

We have developed the basic rules of customer communication for your convenience:

-Our newsletters will always have contact number or email of the sender. You may unsubscribe if desired.
-All advertising will be clearly marked.
-All the info about the correspondent will be allowed for 30 days because it has already been sent.
-There is no need in responding to the advertising message, you can discard them once and for all.
-Any complaint will be immediately considered.

Limitation of Liability

Our client accepts to hire and dismiss our service and our officers, shareholders, employees, directors, representatives, subsidiaries, agents, affiliates, fulfillment, advertising and promotion agencies, any sources or providers of data or information, which are third-partied and advisers which are legal and safe from all and any damages, claims, losses, rights, and activities of some kind resulting out of or connected with the materials of the text, which are comprising but not restricted to: 1) software or hardware, telephone, Internet, electronic, email, computer disturbances, troubles or any kind technical malfunctions; 2) incomplete, faulted, distorted or detained computer communications; 3) any provisions which are caused by occasions outside our supervision which might cause the material of the text to be corrupted, delayed or stumbled. 4) Any damages, injuries or misses of any origin occurring as a result or connected with the process of using the services of our team; or 5) any typographical or printing mistakes which may be found in any our materials related with our work.

Our service will not be responsible to our client in any of this cases: 1) You have not remembered or understood the material of the text, which was delivered; 2) You have not received wishful result while working with our text material; 3) You have abused the text material which was given to you in any way; 4) You have got any unwanted problems because of using the material of the taken text.

What is more, our client promises to reimburse, protect and hold our company and our subsidiaries away from any complaint, demand or suit, embracing the costs for the services of a lawyer in case of engaging the third party service, your disturbance or infringement of that Terms of Use, your breach of any third partied rights or any other action or inaction, which was committed by you.

In no way our team is responsible for any punitive, direct or accidental, special or indirect damages which are outgoing of any situation, related with the exploit of our website or any information received with the help of our website.

On this website, our client can get remarks to other websites, so you may quit that and make your way just straight to necessary website.

Our team does not carry responsibility for any stuffing of a connected resource or for any transfer obtained from any connected website.

Neither our company nor any of branches or partners will be responsible for any inappropriate, unethical, illegal or other improper use of the materials of the text, obtained from our site. These situations involve loss of positions or remunerations, plagiarism, failure, lawsuits, suspension or any other juridical or disciplinary acts. Our client bears individual responsibility and all juridical or disciplinary acts which occur from illegal, unethical and unlawful exploit of the content.

Our company will not bear responsibility for any technical malfunctions or stumbles connected with carrying the material of the text because of any fault of the mail server or Internet Provider.
You won’t be able to get your payment back in a case if you get a failing grade.

Final Provisions

The following document is created to establish contact between our clients and our company. What is important, no verbal or written information will be disclosed if it is located in that certain document.

Even if our client or our company is not able to perform a specific paragraph in this document file, it is not a reason for refusal of the execution of any other clause in this document file in future.
Our employees receive messages about acknowledging this document file as well as refine to it within 1 day after sending.

The important fact is that the content of this document file doesn’t provide cooperative venture or any working partnership or relationship between us and our client. Also this document doesn’t give you the right for representational or agent actions for third parties.

We have no obligations to third parties and they have no rights to the following document.

We choose English as a language of connection between our client and our company. Any communication systems will be used for sending all the messages, consents, requests, inquiries or applications.

If any clause of the document arising any difficulties that prevent it from being executed correctly, this item should be modified for its execution in future.

Our team is trying to make the Terms of Use much more comprehensible by creating custom headers for different items of the document. But our customers must pay particular attention to the fact that the item content may not be restricted to the header. What is more, the headers will not be taken into account in any case of necessary consideration of the document.

All or any relations mentioned in the document are controlled by the law system of the US.

Our client accepts the fact that our company has the undeniable right to change the terms of the contract file without any notifications and warnings.

That electronic version of the document file has the same legal force as if it was printed on the paper.

Last updated on April 21, 2016