Money Back

We propose you an opportunity to use a special function that allows demanding the funds you spent (in different words, to have a repay). It is limited in a number of times you can use it. You have a chance to make a refund to the initial payment source only. Rules below are to be followed strictly so that you could receive a repay correctly.

You can ask the following varieties of compensation prior to clicking “Approve” button upon your order.

100% repay in case that:

A technical mistake of the transaction has occurred. The issue description must be sent to us immediately. Return is possible only if the author has not been appointed to the order yet;
There appeared situations when no appropriate writer was available. The client will be informed about such cases, and the company will become an initiator of a refund;
The ordered paper is no longer demanded by the client because the author had missed the deadline or it was not mailed to you. Any text content will not be delivered in such a situation. This document also states that you have no rights to make use of any texts or parts of a text you may have got previously during the working process.

A seventy percent repayment if there is:

It is a lesser amount of fifty percent of the time to a deadline passed as the author was appointed. Work of the writer has to be granted if this expert has already begun working at your text order.

A fifty percent refund if:

Nobody is able to work for your revision for the moment,
An expert was assigned to a purchased order, after over fifty percent of time waiting the cut-off date you deny the order.

After the refund procedure has started, no rights for property or immaterial property to the certain text material cannot be provided for your side. If the compensation starts, then any property or intellectual property rights are revoked and canceled.

If you send a text to revise the material, this contains an idea that you approve your order as suitable, despite some issues. A hundred percent repayment will be not possible if the textual material will be sent for review.

Note that the choice of compensation is not appropriate for:

Multiple Choice Question assignments;
Money transferred to your personal account as Credit;
Any cases in which parts of the Quality Assurance believes that the services satisfied your initial instructions;
Any cases when employing the services does not meet the Terms of Use points;
Discounts and Extras (TOP Writer, Table of Contents, Abstract, VIP customer service, Plagiarism report, Sources Used);
Situations in which you have previously used the “Approve” option.