Privacy Policy

This Privacy and Cookies Policy is a legal instrument designed to regulate us and your behavior before and in the process of this website use and related services.

This document is mandatory and is legal.

Thus, our relationships in regards to privacy should be only managed by the document. When you make an agreement to be lawfully bound by this Privacy Policy, you start an agreement with us. Consequently, both of us must have interlinked officially permitted rights and obligations.

Opening our Web pages in a browsing app on your hardware, you permit sufficiently to be lawfully bound by the document. In case any contravention arises with whichever of the points listed below, please neither use this site nor make the orders.

Various important moments of confidentiality you will possibly experience while viewing the content of the site, are written below. We insist on you studying this document completely before you continue using this website.

For convenience, we will link to the as a “Website”. Every user who opened the site in this document will be referred as “You”.

Privacy and Cookies Policy

Applicability. Consent.

1. This privacy and Cookies policy serves as a legal form of the agreement. As it was told above, after your opening of our website in the device browser, you sign the conclusions of this agreement.

2. You are to enter this contract when you start using company services.

3. In some situations and at own discretion, it can be offered to you to express us adequate permission on a frequent basis.

4. Apart from Privacy and Cookies Policy, your use of the services will be regarded as unlawful.

5. If there is disagreement on any parts of the document, we request you to immediately come out of the site and to deny placing orders on it.

6. This Privacy Policy should be applicable to you for the duration of the entire use of the site.

General Provisions

7. Our purpose consists in granting the utmost superiority of products and services to you. For the reason it could be potential, we think it is essential to have an easy and exact procedure of identification on a place and a way of communication and the option of a choice.

8. We receive only accurate info about your visit. Anyway, it may be needed for the reason of upgrading of user experience on the site.

9.When you concur with the document, you express the consent that the reason of obtaining certain information on you is enough specified, lawful and obvious. You also consent that your info is exact, actual, full, and considerable and isn’t extreme concerning the purpose.

10. Information received based on the assumption of this document will be thought as it was received on legal ground and is fair. Any information is not turned out without a previous consent.

11. You should give all information by yourself, but our company can receive some information on you from your consent.

12. Information might be provided when you:

  1. fill in any worksheets or any forms;
  2. contact us;
  3. reveal your personality.

13. We can also receive information by means of:

  1. supervision of all your moves on our site;
  2. tracking of transactions on the site;
  3. by cookies or some other technologies.

14. We never receive info which concerns or opens to you:

  1. political preferences,
  2. ethnic or racial information,
  3. philosophical, religious, other beliefs,
  4. sexual life,
  5. your physical or psychological state or health,
  6. trade union enrollment,
  7. criminal connections.

Information We Receive When You Visit Our Website

15. After you have opened the site our site in the browser on the device, the next info starts being received automatically:

  1. type of your browser;
  2. type of OS;
  3. access time.

16. We need this info not for the facility of identification of a user. No attempts are approved by us to make known the personality of a person who visits our website.

17. The aim we are guided by while collecting information of this sort is to make contents of our web pages is better and also to adjust it, and also the configuration of all pages.

Info We Get When You Buy Our Services

18. Please put down some part of your info when you visit us to both look at your intention on our site and to make orders and to order text materials which will be sent to you. Thus, the next info has to be got by us:

  1. phone number;
  2. email address;
  3. limited info concerning a credit card;
  4. a duplicate of your driving license or national identity card.

19. We will need your e-mail to mail you notices of the most significant stages of completion of your order. For instance, you can have explanations of any questions, implementation of orders or any unread mails.

20. Please, pay attention that your phone number and electronic mail can be used for information and marketing notices about some special orders and discounts. If you choose additional service of VIP clients, notifications have to be sent to your mobile, therefore, letting you be acquainted with the fact when your author started writing the text of material and after the material is ready.

21. When you make the order on this site, it can be offered to you to send us the passport duplicate or any info about your credit card which is essential for authorization of payments. What type of info do we need from your credit card? We only need your name and also your surname has to be able to be seen, and the last four characters of the number on a credit card.


22. We use cookies to make your experience smoother. A cookie is a data file that helps us to know that you open our site. Once you visit the website, cookies are sent to you from our server and are stored on your mobile phone, computer, or any other device you use.

23. Cookies check whether you are logged in, save the items you order, etc. In short, they record your preferences when you are visiting our website.

24. If you want, you can disable cookies. But we don’t guarantee the proper functionality of our service when you disable cookies because of their vital role.

25. We use only the following types of cookies:

  1. Session cookies that save information about your web experience for a limited time only. They delete when you close the website. Such cookies are used to improve security.
  2. Persistent cookies that are saved on your device and record your preferences when you use the website.

26. We apply cookies for the following purposes and in the following situations:

  1. In our order forms. You cannot make an order if you disable cookies.
  2. To get round-the-clock support via live chat.
  3. To be able to stay logged in.
  4. To check your preferences with the help of Google Analytics.

27. You can block cookies if you want. Please, note that our website may not work properly after you disable cookies.

28. We also use Goggle Analytics to check how our service is accessed. This information is used to make reports about the site activity.

29. To learn more about cookies, visit

30. To block the monitoring by Google Analytics, visit

31. Remember that we don’t gather information that can identify a specific individual with the help of cookies.

Communication Manner

32. We are looking forward to conforming the highest standards, using and collecting personal information. Therefore, we accept any criticism that we get on this issue and consider it very seriously. We stimulate our people to take care about it if they think that the set or use of any personal info we provide is unfair, useless, or inappropriate. We are also opened to any ideas for improving current procedures.

33. We are glad to share any extra information or explication, which is required. Please send all questions about it to [email protected]

34. People can find out whether we keep their individual information, referring to the “subject access request”.

35. If we do keep your info, we will:

  1. Provide you with a specification of the information;
  2. Explain you why we keep that information;
  3. Tell you to whom this information could be made available;
  4. Send you a duplicate of the info in any convenient form.

36. When you ask us about any individual info, we need you to state your message in written form, then to address a demand to our customer support via [email protected].

37. If you don’t want to receive SMS notifications or emails from us, please contact us. Once we get the request, we will stop sending messages.

Final Provisions

38. All details about your account, order and inquiry pages are treated with the SSL-certificate use which guarantees security and confidentiality of all transactions you make.

39. We will always take rational measures for safety and prevention of intermediary access to the collected individual info. We will hold our employees properly trained and instructed for the preservation of your info in safety. Nevertheless, we will share the info which we collected if our legal obligations owe us to make so.

40. If information isn’t obviously declared in this Privacy policy, any party (you and us), shouldn’t rely on whichever printed or spoken info.

41. If you or we aren’t able to provide a more strict performance of any of provisions of this paper, it is not a refusal of any rights for further execution of such or any additional provisions of the at hand document.

42. Notices and reports within the present document are thought to be read in a day from the moment when notices or the report was sent.

43. Any of provisions of this document don’t establish any joint ventures / partnership, labor legal relationship amid you and us. Besides, any party has no right to work as the agent for each other or to sign any contracts or agreements on behalf of each other as the agent or the any kind of representative.

44. None of the points in this document should mean any obligations for the third parties. Any third party shouldn’t acquire any rights which follow from the document.

45. The procedure of communication connecting you and us is implemented in English. Any ways of contacts can be applied to send notices, inquiries, statements and/or permissions.

46. It can happen so that some provisions do not have validity at some time on appropriate authority. If such situation occurs, this situation has to be changed, has to be interpreted differently or to be copied to correspond the demanded origin of the situation as much as possible.

47. To make the clearness of the document better, we included the headers over the terms of Privacy Policy. The value and the content of the circumstances placed in accordance with certain headers should not be narrowed to the value and the header content. Titles should not be considered, making the understanding of this Privacy and Cookies Policy.

48. We have the right to make changes in this Privacy and Cookies Policy without any warnings or notices.

49. Such agreement, as Privacy and Cookies policy, may be signed in an electronic format which has validity, equal to “signed in ink” form.

50. This policy was updated on August 10, 2015.