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A good outline for a research paper is a keystone to your efficient and successful work. Writing an outline for a research paper on your own turns out to be quite a frustrating thing – your thoughts are all jumbled together and you have no idea what to start with.

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If you are writing your research paper, then you totally understand that the biggest challenge is to start.

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How to Write an Outline For a Research Paper

Choosing the right structure of your paper is not a big deal, as you can use common research paper outline template for your project. Still there are several format styles, which differences will be covered later, anyway they refer more to citations, bibliography, abbreviations and footnotes than to outlines. So let’s check how to do a research paper outline:



             A. Check is there something in your fridge

             B. Check food delivery services

                          1. Choose stir-fried noodles

                          2. Opt for pizza


             A. Choose what pizza to order

                           1. Choose dough and/or size

                                        a. Choose vegetables and/or meat

                                                      (1) Sausages, bacon slices or meatballs

                                                      (2) Fresh or grilled vegetables

                                         b. Choose among cheeses

                            2. Point out your order details

                                         a. Diet coke

                                         b. Tabasco

                B. Wait for your pizza


                A. Choose the first and the best slice

                B. Fight for the last one

                              1. Lavishly share it with your friend

We hope this simple example shed light on the structure of outlines writing. To clear out how outlines are made have a look at the research paper outline example (the serious one) on our Samples page.

If you buy research paper outline from Essay Writing Place, we are going to use exactly the best format thoroughly following all your instructions to guarantee a result you’ll be happy with.

Most students have enough writing skills to write their research paper without any help, but what stops them from writing is the absence of an outline, a predefined structure to follow. The whole writing process turns out to be much easier when you have the backbone to build on. There are 2 ways to solve your problem:

1. Find sample research paper outline,follow its structure and write your own outline.

2. Buy outline for research paper, which is ready-to-use, polished up and meets your requirements.

Research Paper Outline Format

The format of the outline depends on the assignment and formatting styles. Not all professors require a formal outline as well as not all students would benefit from writing one. On the other hand, the purpose of the outline is to hold one’s opinion, it is less likely to overdevelop one point or skip another. What we try to say the idea is to write the best paper, not the best outline. An outline is a valuable tool, so let’s make it work for you!

Research paper outline format will vary according to several criteria:

1. According to the structure: alphanumeric or simple, full sentence outline, with sub-points or decimal outline.

– Alphanumeric outline is the one introduced as an example above. We use Roman numerals for the first-level headings and capital letters for sub-headings. Arab numerals and lower-case letters are used to expand your sub-headings.

– Full sentence outlines are of the same structure but with complete sentences on each heading or sub-heading. Some professors allow even interrogative sentences to use, still declarative sentences remain more preferable.

– Decimal outline is the less common outline format. It’s also called sub-point format as it permits an unlimited amount of subdivisions. It has the same structure as formats listed above the only difference is the usage of numerals only. First-level heading of decimal outline begins with 1. while for the sub-heading 1.1. is used and extended sub-headings will go for 1.1.1. and 1.1.2.

Pay attention! You should use only one structure of the outline in your research paper, never combine or mix these formats in the same project.

2. According to the format of a research paper, there might be APA, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, Chicago style outline.
Even though all these formatting styles refer more to citations and references than outlines, you have to follow the requirements. Your instructor will most likely point out which style is best for your paper.

– APA research paper outline formatting style can have any structure of listed above. The most common is alphanumeric outline; however, there are different ways to format your first-level headings: use all upper-case letters only for first-level headings and upper- and lower-case letters for secondary items or upper- and lower-case letters for both levels.

– MLA style is preferable when writing a research paper on humanities or English classes. Research paper outline MLA does not differ much from the previous style. For instance, if you have more than 4 sub-heading levels the lower-case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi) will be used for further divisions. It should be pointed out that MLA requires introduction and conclusion to be included to the outline, in contrary to APA style.

Pay attention! These peculiarities must be confirmed by your instructor beforehand to be sure what are you dealing with.

Tips on Creating an Outline

Here are some brief tips you may use for your college research paper outline:

– all your headings and subheadings must follow a parallel structure. Using a verb in the first heading, make sure the second one also starts with a verb

– same level headings should contain the information of equal significance or importance;

– the information in the subheadings must extend the one in the headings;

– each heading has to be divided at least into 2 or more parts.

– the introduction volume should be about 20% of the total number of pages. So, it must be 2,5 pages for a twelve-page paper.

We hope you find this guide helpful and we are sure your paper deserves the highest grades. If you ever need a little hint to get it don’t hesitate to ask for help as UK Essay Writing Place was made for solving your problems.