Your Guide to A+ Essay

If you’re looking for an impressive topic for your essay, you may need help with it. There are many issues that are actively discussed, and sometimes it’s hard to navigate among different opinions that often are mutually exclusive. We decided to provide you with a few good topics about health, so you could just choose one of them and start writing now.

General Topics on Health


It’s one of the most sensitive and controversial issues. Thousands of people all around the world suffer from untreatable diseases, living in pain with no hope for a better future. Death is the only way out, and many of them are begging for it. Despite these facts, various religious groups stand against this solution. What do you think about euthanasia? Compare good and bad sides, and tell how different countries consider this issue.


The modern lifestyle dictates the high speed of life. We often don’t have a time for a lunch, we get stressed, and we cannot get to bed until we watch some movies or scroll our newsfeeds in social networks. All these things lead to insomnia. Write about causes and effects of the sleeping disorder and common methods of treatment.

Mental Diseases

Obsessions, addictions, phobias and many other kinds of mental disorder are a common problem for people from all over the world, regardless of their age, sex, or profession. Choose the one problem to write about, conduct a research on methods of therapy and common pills. Tell your readers what causes this problem, and how to overcome it.

Topics on Eating Disorder


It’s one of the most common and dangerous eating disorders. Write about the causes for such a problem; consider its impact on physical and mental health, and available methods of treatment.


It’s the other side of the coin. Such a phenomenon expands fast; more and more people get serious health problems caused by overweight. Many people die of complications. You have a lot of things to write about, for example, it may be self-harm behavior.


This eating disorder causes a wide range of negative effects on one’s mental and physical health. Compare it with other eating disorders, write how it can be observed in early stages, and which symptoms must warn patients.

Topics on Healthcare

Free and Paid Healthcare

It’s probably the most important question about healthcare. Both of these systems have certain advantages and drawbacks. What is better, what’s your opinion? Explain it in your research paper.

Technologies in Healthcare

Even smartphones created many new opportunities for healthcare. New technologies appear every day, creating new kinds of healthcare activities, and introducing new standards of treatment. Healthcare becomes more accessible, and now people don’t even need to visit hospitals to treat some types of illness.

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